​It takes one hell of a person to take in a horse that looks like there's no hope..... to take in an animal not knowing how long you will have with it..... love it anyways, feed it anyways, take care of it anyways... get attached anyways, make him a part of your family. Forgetting that time is cruel..... 
You gave a horse with a troubled past, the kind of life I'd imagine mares tell their foals about... "where the grass is green and hills are rolling, a kind gentle soul will take care of you, feed you, take you on adventures, & you will see it in his eyes and feel it thru his touch and know you are safe." 
But that's just my thought.... you did that ol boy justice and that's all they can ask for. They deserve that. It takes a special person to be a "horse person". I love you guys.
For everything 💖 💔 💖 

Auther  Misty Branch