Tranquil Acres Horse Retirement & Boarding is a specialized equine retirement facility that provides a comfortable environment for retired horses. Our 65 acre farm located in the Greeneville Tennessee is owned and operated by Keith and Beth Neuhausel. We provide boarding at the rate starting at $150 per month. The farm was originally established in the early 1900's and was pruchased 2015 and turned in to a Horse retirement and boarding facility , with the philosophy of providing high quality care to older, retired horses in a pastoral setting. We know that horses are herd animals, and as such, find their security and comfort in a herd setting. We look to maintain an environment which will foster their natural instincts and allow these retired horses to live their lives in comfort.

For many of our retired horses living in a herd is a new experience. This is the first time they are truly allowed to be horses, enjoying the benefits of continuous companionship and the group security horses embrace. Our retired horses thrive in this natural setting with large expanses of pasture. The horses are fed and monitored daily. We provide run in sheds for protection from weather, and stalls for any individuals who may need to be separated for special needs.

Thank You,

Keith and Beth Neuhausel 

We looked into the eyes of a horse and saw our destiny. We know now why we where put on this Earth and what the Good Lord wanted us to do. To go on fighting for horses until we take our last breath.